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your eco - friendly '70 house
in Cannaregio Area!

What makes Vintage so special:

**'70 STYLE:

**DOUBLE GLASS WINDOW PANES: to protect you from noises, to reduce the heat in summer and loss in winter.

**AIR CONDITIONING is available with a modern installation that saves energy and grants the best confort: personalised climate control in every room all the year over!

**SECURITY SYSTEM DOOR LOCK with smart card: entering home has never been so easy... after a tiring and exciting day spent walking through Venice. This intelligent system also allows to save energy when you are outside, turning off the air conditioning. When you will be back home, the thermal confort will be automatically restored, and the planet will thank you.

**washing machine, fridge, freezer, microwave, electric oven, wifi, hair dryier, personalised air conditioning in every room.

THE VINTAGE APARTMENT is at the second floor of a early 1900 building, overlooking a nice and quiet square. My mother and I have been talking a lot about '70: she lived those years, and I've been stunned while listening to her passionate tales about her youth. That age will never die, and goes on inspiring fashion, music, art and people. Who doesn't like the colours, the shapes and the optical style that in '70 was more than a mood?
If you have been waiting for something new in Venice, come and spend your next holiday in this beautiful, new apartment!

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